LVEM (Low Voltage Electron Microscopy) microscopes offer a revolutionary approach to electron microscopy, combining high performance with a compact design. Unlike traditional electron microscopes, which require high voltages and large installations,

LVEM systems operate at much lower voltages, providing enhanced image contrast while maintaining the natural state of the samples. This makes them ideal for a wide range of applications without the necessity for extensive sample preparation, such as staining.

The LVEM5 and LVEM25E models exemplify this innovation. The LVEM5 operates at 5kV and integrates TEM, SEM, STEM, Electron Diffraction, and digital imaging capabilities into a benchtop footprint, drastically reducing the space requirements. The LVEM25E, operating at 25kV, offers even greater contrast and flexibility, making it suitable for more demanding applications.

The application areas for LVEM can be broken down into two main categories, Life Science and Material Science. In a simplified perspective, the life sciences benefit from the enhanced contrast the LVEM systems provide, while the material sciences benefit greatly from the improved throughput that a compact and high resolution LVEM microscope offers. Of course there is now great number of crossovers between these two main categories, such as biomaterials, which benefits from both aspects of the systems.

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Life Sciences

Electron microscopy is indispensable for life scientists. Cell biologists and neurologists use it to visualize tissues and cells, while pathologists leverage it to understand molecular mechanisms of disease. Virologists observe individual viruses, and the technique is crucial in designing and testing biomaterials and in drug discovery.

Imaging life science samples often presents challenges due to their low inherent contrast. However, the LVEM5 and LVEM25E microscopes overcome these issues by using low energy electrons, which interact more strongly with organic materials, providing exceptional feature differentiation. The LVEM5 operates at 5kV and the LVEM25E at 25kV, both offering high contrast without the need for staining.

The LVEM25E is suitable for conventionally prepared specimens (~100nm thick) and allows optional staining. Both microscopes deliver high contrast images of samples in their natural state, avoiding issues like staining artifacts or sample degradation. For life scientists, the LVEM5 and LVEM25E provide unmatched high-quality imaging of unstained samples, something conventional TEM cannot achieve.

Cell Biology
Drug Delivery and Discovery

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