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The long-term and important partnership between Delong Instruments and Delong America have allowed the Delong Group to excel in operations in the high tech, engineering design, manufacturing and sales sectors. The Delong Group now spans 2 continents with operations in both Europe and North America.


Delong Instruments Company is based in Brno, Czech Republic – the world capital of electron microscopy. Delong Instruments has more than 25 years of experience in the field of transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The company is also developing advanced electron-optical instruments, providing engineering design services and manufacturing precision parts and vacuum technology. Its main objective is to make electron microscopes more accessible and practical. That is why Delong Instruments puts extra emphasis on keeping microscopes innovative, compact, and easy to install, maintain and operate. Delong Instruments has developed the world’s first table-top TEM and specializes in low electron energy, which helps their microscopes to achieve high contrast of light elements and low radiation load, thus extending the range of observation methods. For more information, please visit

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Delong America is the long-time partner of Delong Instruments, and is responsible for the overview of global sales, marketing, servicing, and establishment of a global distribution network for both the LVEM5, LVEM25 and LVEM25E low-voltage electron microscopes. Delong America collaborates very closely with their partners to ensure that all research equipment invested in meet the highest quality standards that have now become synonymous with the Delong name.